In this video, you’ll learn how to use the password generator while creating an email account in cPanel.

You’re always free to choose your own passwords while creating one or more email accounts in cPanel. But it’s important to have passwords that are strong enough to protect your accounts against hackers and malicious software. One way to create a really strong password is to use the Password Generator feature in cPanel when creating an email account.

Here’s how to accomplish this task –

1. Log in to your cPanel interface.
2. Navigate to the Mail section.
3. Click on the Email Accounts icon.
4. Enter the new email address you want to create.
5. Click the Password Generator button.
6. A random password will be generated in a moment.
7. Set some advanced options as required.
8. Copy your new password in a safe place.
9. Check the box which says – I have copied this password in a safe place.
10. Click the Use Password button to use the generated password.

That’s how you can generate a strong, random password using the Password Generator tool in cPanel.

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