Hosting account customers can request an account restore from back up by sending the following email to [email protected].

The following is the mail template. Please replace the variables using the details of your account:

Subject: YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_HERE – Restore Request & Indemnity

Dear Pickaweb,

I hereby request that my account YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_HERE on server YOUR_SERVER_NAME_HERE be restored from your backup data. I agree to the below terms of this restore service:

1. I have completed a full backup of my data using the cpanel backup feature.
2. I understand that the backup data that I am requesting to be restored is disaster recovery data, and as such Pickaweb cannot guarantee any data integrity or functionality as per any implied expectations.

2.b. There are no point in time restore provisions, and any data provided is on as-is basis.
2.c. I agree to be bound by Pickaweb´s Limitation of Liability Clause in our terms and conditions. In addition, I agree that Pickaweb’s maximum liability shall be £1 relative to the restore of data requested.
2.d. I agree that once Pickaweb has restored the data if there is any requirement for follow-up troubleshooting that this will be charged at a rate of £50.00 + VAT per hour, with a minimum of 1 hour & that no work shall commence until payment has been received for the first hour.


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