We understand that from time to time people’s circumstances change and that details like email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses change. Normally an email is required from the listed contact on an account to make requests for changes to web hosting services. However, if you no longer have access to the listed email address then you can update your contact details by providing the following forms of identification.

For Companies or Organizations

Government issued identification such as a Certificate of Incorporation or VAT/Tax return and A utility invoice/bill with your company name & address showing at the top.

For Individuals

Government issued, photographic ID such as passport or driving license and An invoice/bill with your name & address showing at the top. You may scan & e-mail us at: sales@pickaweb.co.uk. We would politely advise that this is a security procedure which is rigorously enforced & is intended to protect your interests.

These changes can only be made by our Accounts Team who are available during normal UK Business Hours (Mon-Fri, 0900 – 1700).

[Note: Our Technical Support staff are NOT authorised to make updates.]


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