cPanel provides a very useful option to import email accounts using a CSV or Excel file. This comes handy when you are migrating email accounts from one host to another. This way you can create all the email accounts in the new host in one go.

Given below is the recommended CSV and Excel format of the mail accounts.

CSV Format:

For best results, use this format where Email address, password and Quota of the mail address is separated by the delimiter ‘comma (,)’.

[email protected],1234,10
[email protected],4567,8
[email protected],8910,10

Excel Format:

Here is a sample layout of the Excel file.


  • Login to cPanel and go to Address Importer under Mail section.


  • Select Email Accounts option.
  • Choose the CSV or Excel file from your local machine.


  • After selecting the file, choose the delimiter and check the option “Treat first row as column headers” if you have added first row in the file as header.


  • In the next page, select the domain for which these mail accounts are exported.


  • Verify if the email address, password and the mail quota is correct and click finish to complete the import.


  • Once the import is done, cPanel will show the imported mail accounts.


In this tutorial, I have used a sample CSV file. Importing Excel file is similar to this and you just need to follow the same steps, just that you need to import an Excel file instead.

Note: We offer free migration to all our clients and this import will be carried by our techs during migration process.

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