There are two ways to install web hosting service– through a Softaculous and manually.

Go to your cPanel hosting control panel and you will be able to use our one click WordPress install app.

Follow these steps:

Step #1. Log into your Pickaweb cPanel
Once you’ve logged into the cPanel of your web hosting account, scroll down to the Services/Software section.

Step #2. Click on Softaculous
In the Services/Software section, locate the Softaculous icon and click on the same to begin the installation process.

Step #3. Select WordPress
Once you’re on the Softaculous page, you’ll find WordPress in the Blog Software category. Click it.

Step #4. Click on Continue
On the next page that opens, click on Continue.

Step #5. Enter the Application Path
This is an important step. In case you want to install WordPress on your root domain, you should leave the URL path field blank. Otherwise, you should enter the word ‘blog’ in this field and WordPress will be installed to

Step #6. Fill Out Other Details
There are a couple of other details that you’ll need to provide. These include the admin email, the title of your blog and your first and last name. It’s also possible to fill out these pieces of information later. You can do it easily through the WordPress dashboard.

Step #7. Click on Install Now
At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the Install Now button. Click it to complete the process of WordPress installation.

Step #8. Get a Congratulations Message
Finally, you’ll receive a congratulation message telling you that you’ve successfully installed WordPress and it’s ready to use. You’ll also be provided with the link which will lead you directly to the URL where the WordPress blog has been installed. The login information will be sent to your admin email so that you can access your blog’s admin panel.

Step #9. Log into the WordPress Admin (and Start Blogging)
With the log-in information that was sent to your email, you can now get into the WordPress admin section of your blog using this path –, start creating blog posts, publish them one after another and have fun.

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