Managing Labels in GmailIn this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to manage labels in Gmail.

Gmail, a web-based email service by Google, offers you a number of features and functionalities. One of these is labels. It’s important to note that Gmail doesn’t allow you to create folders to store your emails. But it does provide you with a label system which you can use to organize your emails in an effective manner. Therefore, you should know how to manage labels while using Gmail inbox.

Important points when managing labels in Gmail

  1. One conversation, which may contain multiple messages, can have several labels applied to it. Therefore, you can use labels in the same way as you do with email clients that use folders.
  2. Broadly speaking, labels are of two types – System Labels and Custom Labels. System labels are those that Gmail offers you by default. Inbox, Sent Mail and Personal are system labels. Those labels that you create yourself to apply to conversations are custom labels.
  3. Each custom label comes with a tiny box, placed next to it. This box allows you to edit the properties of a specific label. For example, you can apply different colors to a label by clicking the box next to it.
  4. Depending on your specific requirements, you can also hide or unhide custom labels.
  5. If you want to create a new label, you should scroll down to the bottom of the popup menu and click the Create new label link. Alternatively, you can manage labels by clicking the Settings icon at top right and going to the Labels tab. Whether you want to hide labels, show labels, remove labels, rename labels or create new labels, you can accomplish it all from this section within minutes.
  6. When you delete a label, the messages it contains will not be removed. The messages can still be found under All Mail.

That’s how you can manage labels while using Gmail effectively. Any changes you make to a particular label takes effect instantly.

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