Watch this video for quick overview of settings and preferences in Apple Mail.

Apple Mail, the default email client for Mac users, comes with a number of features and functions. In order to get the most out of it, you should become familiar with all its settings and preferences.

Here’s an overview of what you can do and how to do it while using Apple Mail as your email program –

When you log in to Apple Mail, go to Mail and click Preferences, the tab that opens by default is Accounts. From here, you can easily manage all the options that are associated with your mail accounts. If you go to Mailbox Behaviors, you can set how you want your sent, junk and deleted email messages treated. The Advanced tab gives you additional features. SSL settings management can also be done from here.

Let’s check out the General options. This is the section which allows you to choose settings as to how often Apple Mail will check for new email messages on the server.

The RSS tab helps you manage your RSS feed settings. When you click on this tab, you’ll be presented with three settings 1> Default RSS Reader 2> Check for Updates and 3> Remove Articles. You can select the options according to your requirements and preferences.

Right next to the RSS tab is the Junk Mail tab. From here, you can manage how you want the junk emails to be treated. You can enable or disable the filtering for junk emails as per need. The tab also allows you to set how the email program reacts when it receives junk mail.

The Fonts & Colors tab is the place to design the appearance of your mailboxes, messages and notes. If you want to change settings viewing messages, you should use the Viewing tab. It allows you to customize settings for the header detail and message threading. Using the Composing tab, you can apply different settings to message composition.

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