This article lists out the steps to be followed to create a photo gallery in RV site builder.

1. Log in to cPanel.
2. Go to Rv site builder option available in the category Software/Services.
3. This article assumes that, you already have an existing site and wanted to add a Photo Gallery to it.
4. Click on “Edit Project” in the home page of Rv site builder and then select the project in which you want to add the Photo Gallery.
5. Click on Step 4 (Page Structure) which is available on the top of the page.

STEP 4 : Page Structure

Select Photo Gallery.

You can need to add “Database based components” and select  photo gallery. In order to add the database based components you will need to create new database, which can be done by clicking on the “Create/Change Database” button at the bottom of the page will open a pop-up as shown in the below image:

By selecting the first option “Create Database Automatically” it will create a database automatically, and if you wish to create it by your own select the second option “Custom database configuration”. Once you are done with creating database,  click on the Save button on the “Page Structure” page.

6. Now go to STEP 5 where you can modify the content of your RVSiteBuilder photo gallery. In order to upload the images needed, use the menu from the left. In the Configuration tab, you can set the image slide show settings and the transition effects. Once done, click on Save icon available at the bottom of the configuration page.

7. The last step is Step 7. From the drop-down menu choose the domain name you would like to make a photo gallery for and click Publish. Before publishing, you can also preview the site using the preview button available at the top right corner of RV site builder page.

That’s how you can use and create a photo gallery in RV Site Builder.

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