1. If you are using some kind of CMS applications for building your site, please update the application to the latest version which will automatically change the deprecated variables.

2. If you are using custom coding for your site, please change the below deprecated functions with the compatible functions given for fixing the warnings.

Deprecated                         5.3 compatible

call_user_method()    –     call_user_func()
call_user_method_array()  –   call_user_func_array()
define_syslog_variables()  –  dl()
ereg()        –         preg_match()
ereg_replace()     –        preg_replace()
eregi()       –      preg_match() with the ‘i’ modifier
eregi_replace()    –     preg_replace() with the ‘i’ modifier
set_magic_quotes_runtime()  –   magic_quotes_runtime()
session_register()    –     $_SESSION superglobal
session_unregister()      –   $_SESSION superglobal
session_is_registered()   –  $_SESSION superglobal
set_socket_blocking()     –    stream_set_blocking()
split()       –      preg_split()
spliti()      –       preg_split() with the ‘i’ modifier
mysql_db_query()    –     mysql_select_db() and mysql_query()
mysql_escape_string()     –    mysql_real_escape_string()

Passing locale category names as strings is now deprecated. Use the LC_* family of constants instead.
The is_dst parameter to mktime(). Use the new timezone handling functions instead.

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