The Account Settings page allows you to perform the following tasks that help you manage your website builder account.

Upgrade / Downgrade Pack: The Upgrade Pack page allows you to request your service provider to upgrade your current site building Pack to a more feature-rich Pack. This allows you to create more attractive websites with a whole lot of new and exciting features.

[Note: This option will be available only in case of lower packs. In case, if you are in low pack, then “Upgrade Pack” feature will be available in this section.]

Edit Your Profile / Account: This page allows you modify your contact details, account-related information, set your choice of language for the Website Builder, the domain name for your website and other details that you had provided at the time of registration.

Website FTP Details: This page allows you to change edit or update the FTP information in order to have the website published. This page cannot be edited by default, permission to edit or update the same should be granted by the application service provider

Change Password: This page allows you to change your access password for the online Site Builder.

Email Administrator: This page allows you to email your service provider regarding any support issues that you may have or even to send feedback regarding your account.

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