Once you login to Pickaweb SiteBuilder you can Change / Edit template using the option “Change / Edit template” under Website Manager.

Click on ‘Choose Design’ to choose your template. You can now choose the color options by simply clicking on the color boxes in the ‘CHANGE COLOR‘ link which is available above the design and choose an image by clicking on the choose from gallery or use your own image in the ‘CHANGE IMAGES‘ link.

You can also start customizing the Title, Slogan and email address that will be displayed on your website by choosing the option by clicking on the ‘CHANGE TITLE’ link and click on the highlighted options to change the Title, Slogan and email address. You will notice that the options that you select get applied to the design immediately.

[Note: You can change the selected color, image and title any time later from your Website Manager.]

To proceed, just click on the ‘SELECT THIS TEMPLATE’ button that appears next to ‘CHANGE TITLE’ button in the top of the screen. Changing the Home Page and Inner Page images – these images can be changed at any time later by selecting the Change/Edit Template option in the website manager.

In the Change/Edit Template option click on Change Images. There will be two options one for ‘Choose from gallery’ which will provide you with stock images. Or ‘Use your own image’ which will allow you to upload and insert your own image. To add your own image click on ‘Use your own image’ and select either the ‘Simple Option’ or ‘Advanced Option’. The Simple Option will allow you to upload the image and manipulate the size and portion of the image you want to use, initially you don’t have to resize the image to a specific size if you only want to use part of it. The Advanced Option will provide you with a download able background image and the exact size dimensions of the image.

Check the following tutorial for step by step instructions – How to Build Your First Website with Website Builder.

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