Website Manager allows you to create an online guest book where your website visitors can leave their questions, comments, suggestions or feedback about your website. To add a Guest Book, select edit on the page you would like to add the Guest Book to and select the ‘Guest Book’ radio button in the ‘Change the type of the web page’ page, click ‘Submit’ to load the following page.

You can then create the heading and introduction for your guest book using the ‘Add/Edit Guest Book Heading’ editor. Once you click ‘Submit’, the Guest Book page with your custom heading and introduction will be created. You can then proceed to preview your Guest Book as it would appear on your website and later publish it to your website once you are satisfied.

When your website visitors post a comment or message to our Guest Book, these comments will appear in the ‘Add/Edit Guest Book Messages’ editor. You can then add/remove/edit the comments or messages posted to your Guest Book by simply visiting this page available from the Website Manager.

Check the following tutorial for step by step instructions – How to Create Your First Website with Website Builder.

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