Website Manager allows you to create an entire ecommerce shopping page complete with shopping carts and integrated payment gateways. To create a Shop Page, add a new page and select edit then select the ‘Shop Page’ radio button in the ‘Change the type of the Web page’ page, and click ‘Submit’ to load the following page.

You will be then prompted to choose a page layout. Just click on the shop page layout that is most appropriate to the kind of shop that you want to set up.

Payment Gateway and Shipping Fee Option

This section allows you to choose a payment gateway and enter shipping fee details or it displays the current payment gateway and shipping fee option that has been previously selected by you. This is for your reference only and you may continue with the same settings or modify them as and when you prefer.

Mode of Receiving Payment

You need to select one of the available payment gateways for receiving online payments from your customers. The available online payment gateway options include Authorize.NET, 2Checkout, Verisign, Paypal or through Email.

Depending on your choice of payment gateway, you will be asked to enter the relevant payment gateway parameters in the subsequent page. If you choose 2CheckOut, then you will be prompted to enter your 2Checkout Account Number. If you choose Authorize.NET, then you will prompted to enter your Login ID,

Transaction Key and your choice of currency. If you choose Paypal, you will be prompted to enter your Paypal Email Address and your choice of currency. In case you choose Verisign, you will be prompted to enter your Verisign Login Name and the Partner’s Name. You may also choose to receive your payment offline via email by choosing Email as your Mode of receiving payment.

Shipping Details

You need to select one of the shipment methods from the drop down menu for calculation of shipping charges. The options provided are ‘flat fee’, ‘flat fee & weight fee’, ‘percentage of total order’ and ‘total weight’. Also you can select the ‘no shipping charges’ option if you decide not to charge any shipping fee.

Unit of Weight

You need to enter the unit of weight for your product like pounds, kilograms etc.


You need to enter the currency to be used for your shop (Ex: $, GBP, Euro, Yen, etc.).

Tax Calculation

Enabling this feature ‘Apply Tax’ allows you imply tax on items that are purchased from the shopping page. Disabling the ‘apply tax’ option does not allow you add tax on any of the products purchased. Once you fill in the above details and submit, the following page loads prompting you to enter the Shipping Fee Details. This is where you enter the actual fee for calculating the shipping charges for your

Once the shipping fee details are submitted, if the ‘Apply Tax’ feature was checked the ‘Tax Calculation’ option is enabled, the page will load prompting you to enter the percentage of tax to be added. This can be fixed at a flat rate or it can be customized
to vary based on State or Status.

[Note: Only one option can be selected.]

Once you submit this detail, your shop would be all set and ready for you to create the actual online storefront, which your customers would be visiting. You can visit the Shop Settings page at any time in future to change your fee, currency and freight

Importing Data Using a CSV File

You will also be able to import data directly from a CSV (comma separated values) file, instead of manually typing in the individual data for each product. To do this just click on the “Import CSV file” link available on the top of the page, then select and upload the particular CSV spreadsheet file which contains the shop data.

Setting as a Product Catalog Page

You will also be able to set your shop page as a product catalog page by checking the “Make this a product catalog page” option available on the top of the page. This option creates a simple catalog page where your users can only view and browse the items in your shop but will not be able to ‘add to cart’ or purchase the item.

Check the following tutorial for step by step instructions – How to Create Your First Website with Website Builder.

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