The Website Manager allows you to create a Text Page with rich text content along with images. To create a Text Page, add a new page and select Edit or edit an existing page and select the ’Text Page’ radio button in the ‘Change Page Type’ page, and click ‘Submit’ to load the page. What you see above is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Rich Text Editor that functions similar to Microsoft Word or similar applications. Using this feature-rich editor, you can create an attractive web page with rich text content for your website.

You can either type in the web page content, or even copy & paste the content from *Microsoft Word or other similar applications or even from a web page.

[Note: When content is copied and pasted from Microsoft Word or similar applications not all of the properties will function properly in the editor because some of the fonts, color classes, tags such as VML, MSO etc. are not supported in the website builder. Also, the website builder does not support the use of dual monitors for editing.]

Adding a Link to a Text Page Link to other webpages on your website, upload files from your computer, link to images, another website address or an email address.

Follow these steps:

1. Type in the text that the file needs to be linked to
2. Highlight the text. To highlight aim your mouse pointer before the text, click  and hold your left mouse button, drag your mouse over the text to highlight it.
3. With the text highlighted click on ‘Link’ in the text editor. When the Link editor opens you can choose to link to other webpages on your website, upload files from your computer, link to images, another website address or an email address.
4. To upload a file from your computer to link to the text click on the button next to ‘Your Files’.
5. Next to the ‘Upload a file’ box click on ‘Browse’. The explore window will open to navigate and locate the file on your computer.
6. Once the file is located click on the file name to select it.
7. Click on Open
8. The file path will insert into the Link editor, click on Upload.
9. You will now see the file in the Link editor. In order to have the link open in a new browser window when your website visitors click on the link, check the box in front of ‘Open in New Window’. To link it to the text on your site click on the chain link under ‘Click to Link’.
10. A box will pop up to approve the link, click on OK. You can then proceed to Preview and Approve the text page.

Inserting a Table into a Text Page

To insert a table click on Table, choose Insert Table from the list of options. Using your mouse drag over the number of columns and rows you would like included in the table. When the table is created you will be able to type text into each cell. To add rows or columns using your mouse click on the cell that you would like to add a row under or a column next to, click on Table and choose from one of the options to insert a row or column.

To Merge cells using your mouse double click on the cell to merge, click on Table under the options click on Merge Cells. In the example above I want to merge the cell containing‘100 employees’ with the cell containing ’85 employees’. Choose the option to merge the number of cells, here 1 cell is chosen, click on Merge. I edited the text to ‘185 Total Employees’. View the merged cells in the screenshot below.

To edit the table properties such as the background color, border color, size and alignment double click inside of the table then click on Table in the editor and select Table Properties. Once your changes are made click on OK. To change the color of the text in the table double click into the cells, hold down your left mouse button using the mouse pointer drag over the text, in the editor click on the Font color option and select the color of your choice from the box.

Check the following tutorial for step by step instructions – How to Create Your First Website with Website Builder.

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