To create a Photo Album page, select edit on the page you would like to add the Photo Album to and select the option “Photo Album” on “Choose the Type of web page” page. Photo Album Editor allows you to create an online photo album and make it a part of your website quickly and easily. With Photo Album Editor you can add, edit, organize, generate thumbnails, print and share your own online digital photo album with your family and friends!

When you visit the Photo Album Editor for the first time, you will be prompted to add photos to your currently empty album. You may then click on the ‘Add Photos’ link to start adding your photos.

The ‘Add Photos to Album’ page allows you to add your own photos to the photo album.

[Note: You can upload a maximum of 6 photographs at a time with a total upload size of no larger than 5 MB.]

You can also add a Photo name and description individually for each photo in your album. In case you do not enter a name for your photograph, the filename of the photograph be used as the default name. Once you upload your photos you can then proceed to the ‘Edit Photo Album’ page to compose your photo album.

[Note: The application will automatically create small and medium sized copies of your photos for better viewing.]

The ‘Edit Photo Album’ page allows you to view the photos in your album as Thumbnails, or as a List or even as a Slide Show. You may also add more photos to your album, edit the header and footer for the photo album or even move or copy the selected photos to another album or even delete them. The ‘Edit Photo Album’ page also allows you to send an email invitation to your friends or family requesting them to visit your Photo Album at the specified address on the Internet. After you are satisfied with the settings for your Photo Album, you can then visit your Website Manager and click on the ‘Publish Website’ link to make the photo album available on your LIVE website.

Check the following tutorial for step by step instructions – How to Build Your First Website with Website Builder.

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