Text Page

For pages containing just rich text content with photos, images, tables, etc.
Form Page

Create page with a ready made feedback form.
Page name with no link

For pages which are unfinished and therefore not to be displayed or linked to from the Main Navigation
Shop page

For shop pages with storefront, shopping cart, etc. with or without payment gateway, meant for e-commerce
Photo Album

For creating an attractive online photo album where you can upload your photos and make them available for your website visitors to see.
Guest Book

Allows you to create an online guest book for your visitors so that they can leave a message or comment for you about your website, etc.
External Link

For directly linking to a page that is available on another website on the Internet Stand-alone Pages
Also called Hidden pages or Invisible pages. Stand alone pages are not listed in the regular site navigation links. Stand alone pages are used as landing pages or as pages that are not ready for public viewing.

Check the following tutorial for step by step instructions – How to Build Your First Website with Website Builder.

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