There are various reasons because of which a site could be inaccessible. Some of the initial check-up that you could do from your end before contacting the support team, are listed below.

1) The site is not yet registered.

You could check the information by doing a whois check of the domain. You could use online tools for this from your end. You could use the following URL’s for this.

2) Wrong nameservers/IP address assigned to the domain.

This is one main reasons for your domain for not resolving. Doing a whois check as mentioned above would give you the present nameservers. If they are not correct, they have to be updated.

Please check the “Welcome email” sent from and verify if the domain is using the correct nameservers. You could also check the DNS settings of the domain using online tools.

Some examples can be viewed from the URL given below.

For detailed information regarding DNS settings, you could also use the URL’s such as

If you know the nameservers that you should be using for your domain, you can always update the DNS yourself.

If you are unsure of your nameservers, you can always get in touch with the support team, who will look into this for you.

3) Due to DNS prorogation delay

Please refer the URL for more information on how propagation delay can cause a site to be inaccessible.

4) Your domain might have expired or your hosting account might be suspended

4.1) Expired  :- You could check the whois details of the domain as mentioned in the first point in the article. Once you confirm the domain has expired, you could refer the URL for getting the domain renewed. For any further assistance you could contact us and we would be taking it from there.

4.2) Suspended: –

4.2.1) 403- forbidden error – If this is the error you get when you access your domain in browser, it simply means your site has been suspended. This happens if your account has been identified to have any malicious activity (such as phishing, spamming etc.). Please note, prior to account suspension, we send out a notification email explaining the cause of account suspension and the steps that you need to take for your account’s reactivation. The email would be sent to your registered email address. Check here for more details.

4.2.2) Account Suspended page – Should you see an account suspended page, the first thing you should be checking for, is any unpaid invoice. Failing to pay your invoices on time is one of the main reasons for getting your account suspended. Please get in touch with [email protected] or use our chat facility during between 9 am and 5 pm (Monday to Friday), to get your billing issues sorted out.

5) Your IP address has been blocked in the server firewall.

You can confirm this by contacting our technical support. You could send in an email to [email protected] or use our chat facility,

6) Problems in the customer’s systems

You can confirm if the issue is local at your end by trying to access the domain from different browsers, different locations and different ISPs.

The main issues could be with –

6.1) The browser you are using

Try accessing the domain from different browsers. You could also try clearing your browser cache.

6.2) Problem with the Internet settings.

Try accessing the domain from a different network. If the domain loads fine from a different location, you might want to get in touch with your ISP to identify the issue.

6.3) Incorrect firewall configurations in the client system.

This too can be confirmed by trying to access the domain from a different machine in a totally different ISP


  1. Sarah

    Thanks for sharing the information. No doubt you cannot always say, that due to propagation, your website is not accessing. The domain should point to correct NS, it’s more important than any other thing. Well explained. Thanks again

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