Any com/net/org/info/biz domain that is more than 40 days past the Expiry Date has been deleted. You can verify the expiry date by performing a Whois Search. The Expiry Date will appear in the field: Expiration Date. The Deleted Date will be 40 days after this and is usually shown in the field: Updated Date

[Note: Several attempts would have been made to contact the listed Email address. The domain was in an unpaid status for 40 days before this step was taken.]

It is still possible to redeem a domain in the 30 day Redemption period after the domain was deleted. The fee for this is £80.00 plus the cost of 1 year’s renewal (see our Domain Pricing for registering domain names). If you would like to renew please email [email protected] including your domain name and we will create an invoice for you. You have 30 days from the deletion date to do this.

If you do not want redemption of the domain, the only remaining option is to try to re-register when it becomes available 70-75 days after expiration. Exactly when a domain is released back to the public is a root registry decision. You need to be aware that domains are registered on a first come, first served basis and there is no guarantee that you will be able to recover the name when it is available.

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