If you want to limit user access to your WordPress site, you can easily use a plugin.

The Restricted Site Access plugin is one of the most recommended plugins to prevent visitors from gaining access to the entire or some particular sections of your site. First, you need to install the plugin in question and then choose the suggested settings so that you have the plugin work effectively.

Let’s see how to install the WordPress plugin –

1. If you have a wordpress hosting account, Log in to your WordPress admin.
2. In the left navigation, go to Plugins and click the Add New function.
3. Enter the plugin name in the search box and hit Search Plugins button.
4. Once found, click the Install Now button.
5. Click the OK button to start installation.
6. When the plugin has installed, click the Activate Plugin link.

Now that the Restricted Site Access plugin has been installed on your WordPress site, you should apply the suggested settings.

1. In the left navigation, go to Plugins and click the Installed Plugin function.
2. Navigate to the plugin in question.
3. Click the corresponding Settings link.
4. Under the Site Visibility section, choose the following option:

Restrict site access to visitors who are logged in or allowed by IP address

5. Under the Handle Restricted Visitors section, choose actions as required.
6. Under the Unrestricted IP Addresses section, add the IP addresses that you don’t want to block or restrict access.
7. Then, click Add My Current IP Address so that you have unrestricted access.
8. Click the Save Changes button.

That’s how you can have the Restricted Site Access plugin working to boost the security of your site.

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