At Pickaweb we aim to offer the best value hosting combined with superb levels of support for you.

Our main aim is to keep your email services up and running at all times so as to ensure that our servers are running as fast and securely as possible.

To that end it is our responsibility to ensure that the hardware, network and server configurations are all working as they should be.

Our team of friendly, skilled technicians are here 24*7, 365 days of the year to ensure that the service you receive is exceptional.

In order to allow our technicians to focus on critical issues, we provide a comprehensive range of online support materials.

These include step by step video tutorials & various knowledge-base documents for you to refer to.

Most issues can be resolved by consulting these & we ask that all customers refer to these in the first instance before contacting support.

We also understand that many of our customers will be using a wide variety of software applications for their websites.

Some of them we even provide via our Control Panel such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, OSCommerce, etc..

We also understand that from time to time there may be issues with the configuration & functionality of these tools. Unfortunately, our technical team are not experts in all of these tools & we always recommend that customers should request assistance from the support channels provided by the software company.

In some instances unfortunately it will be necessary to pay for a support contract.

We will always do our best to help you to identify the root of the issue, but there are limitations to what we can assist you with.

We can for example check if all of our systems (servers, databases, control panel, network, etc.) are functioning correctly & also to double check any configuration settings (FTP details, MySQL servers address, etc.).

To help you we have summarised below what we support and can assist with and what is outside of the scope of our support:

We support:

Server Infrastructure: Our main priority is to ensure that our datacentre, network and server hardware infrastructure are all functioning quickly and securely. To that end we are constantly monitoring all of our physical and data assets.

Email Configuration:

We provide assistance in configuring your email accounts with most email clients. If there are email configuration issues we will provide one to one support only once a customer has reviewed our Email configuration self-help centre. The use of this procedure will allow our technical staff to more quickly pinpoint the issue & provide a speedy resolution

FTP Configuration:

We provide assistance for using the most common FTP programs.

Server Configuration:

We will maintain the server software to a standard, secure level which we deem to be appropriate. This covers software such as MySQL, PHP, Apache, etc..

Due to the nature of the shared server environment, it is not possible to guarantee that the settings we choose will be compatible with software applications that you may choose to run. In these instances we would recommend a Virtual Private Server (VPS) where you have more control over the software configuration.

What is beyond our scope of support?

Third Party Scripts Applications & Coding: Our staff love technology.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for them to be experts in everything. If you are using an application/program/language (eg: PHP, Perl, html, CSS etc..) or a script or you have an issue with coding we are limited in what we can do to help you.

Your first port of call should be the software vendor or manufacturers support department. If they need you to provide error reports then we will try to assist you to identify these but we cannot trouble shoot or debug.

If you need specialist assistance then we would recommend that you try to identify a specialist in the particular application to assist you.

Sites such as UpWork or the support forums for your chosen product will enable you to quickly find an expert to assist you.

Out of Date Applications & Security/Malware Issues:

It is 100% your responsibility to ensure that all applications, scripts & programs that you host on your webspace are kept up to date.

The reason for this is that if you do not keep these up to date then your webspace is vulnerable to hacking & a number of possible security breaches.

We strongly recommend that you protect your online reputation by using the services of a Website Application Firewall (WAF) such as the one shown here.

If you website is compromised your account will be suspended until you can satisy us that you will take the necessary preventative action to protect your webspace.

Data Back Up:

We perform regular back up of all data for our purposes. We provide customers with a facility to back up their data via their hosting control panel and it is your responsibility to back up your own data.

In instances where a customer requires a restore of data from our back up we will provide this at a cost of £25 + VAT. We do not guarantee that the data will be available or of its quality.

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