Search for messages in your Gmail accountThe video tutorial helps you learn how to search for messages in Gmail.

The message search function is one of the key features in Gmail. Since an inbox may contain hundreds or thousands of messages, the Gmail search allows you to find specific messages in an instant. But the search queries can be simple or complex, similar to Google searches. Therefore, it’s important for you to understand how to search effectively for messages in Gmail. The more you know about it, the better the searches.

Here’s what you need to know –

  1. Let’s use a quick example. Conduct a search for messages that contain the word ‘definitely’ in them. Enter the word in the search box that you see at the top of your Gmail inbox page. Then hit the ‘Search Mail’ button that’s just next to the search box. The search will return you results containing the word in question in the same way as you view your inbox or other labeled email messages.
  2. Let’s conduct another message search using the word ‘take’, as the next word in the email message you see is ‘takes’. As you hit the ‘Search Mail’ button, you get to see a message but the email message that contained the word ‘takes’ isn’t displayed. This is how an email message search is different from a web search. Gmail searches are more specific. If you want to search for messages containing the word ‘takes’, you should conduct a search using the exact word ‘takes’, and not the word ‘take’.
  3. Now, we’ll see how an advanced Gmail search can be conducted. Click the ‘Show search options’ link next to the ‘Search the Web’ button. The advanced search function allows you to exercise greater control over the search results that are displayed. Enter a name or an email address in the From field. In the Search field, you can also limit the extent of searches by selecting options like All Mail, Inbox, Starred, Sent Mail, Drafts etc. If you want to find a message that’s labeled as Spam or Trash, you should select ‘Mail & Spam & Trash’ option from the drop-down. Finally, you can click the Search Mail button to have the results displayed.

For example, if you enter the word ‘Demo’ in the ‘From’ field and select ‘All Mail’ in the Search field, the advanced search shows you a conversation containing mail from ‘Demo User’. This search result indicates that even if you don’t choose the ‘Mail & Spam & Trash’ option, Gmail will still look for a match in the Trash folder. However, this won’t happen for messages that have been moved to the Spam folder.

That’s how you can conduct a search for finding specific email messages or labeled conversations in your Gmail inbox.

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