In this technote we will explain how to setup email signatures in our webmail tools.

Pickaweb provides you with three Webmail programs – Horde, SquirrelMail and RoundCube. No matter which one you choose to use or are familiar with, setting email signatures is quite easy. Once you’ve configured it, you can include your default signature in all sent messages.

Here’s how to get it done in any of the programs mentioned above after you’ve logged into your Webmail dashboard –

A. SquirrelMail
When choosing a Webmail program, SquirrelMail is a high recommend. Minimal use of graphics makes it the fastest.

Step #1. Click on Options.
Step #2. Click on Personal Information.
Step #3. Enter your custom signature
Step #4. Click the Submit button.

B. Horde
One of the most preferred Webmail programs, Horde allows you to create or change an email signature with ease.

Step #1. Click on Options.
Step #2. Click on Personal Information.
Step #3. Click on Edit Your Identities.
Step #4. Select Default Identity.
Step #5. Compose your signature text.
Step #6. Click the Create button.

C. RoundCube
Creating a default email signature in RoundCube isn’t hard either. It only takes a moment to get going.

Step #1. Click on Settings.
Step #2. Click on Identities.
Step #3. Click on Signatures.
Step #4. Enter custom signature in Standard or HTML box.
Step #5. Click the Save button.

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