In this technote we will explain how to setup email forwarders in cPanel.

The email forwarders option in allows you to send the copy of an email to another Email address automatically upon configuring.

This plays an important role in getting you the notifications to a single email address when you have multiple email accounts configured under your domain.

For example, if you have created multiple email addresses like [email protected], [email protected] , [email protected] etc and you need to receive email notifications in a single email address say [email protected] so that you don’t have to check each of these email addresses, you can use Email Forwarder option in cPanel.

For the purpose you can set email forwarders from [email protected], [email protected] , and [email protected] to [email protected] This will send a copy of all the emails send to [email protected], [email protected] , and [email protected] to [email protected]

There are two types of Email forwarders.

1) Email Account Forwarders

2) Forward All Email for a Domain

Let’s look at each in turn:

1) Email Account Forwarders

This type of Email forwarders allows you to forward the emails send to a particular email address to another specified email address.

To set an Email forwarder go to:

cPanel >> Mail >> Forwarders


To create an Email account forwarder, click on the Add Forwarder button.


In the Address to forward box, specify the email address from which the mail is to be forwarded and in the Forward to email address box, specify the email address to which the mail is to be forwarded.

In the example shown in the above screenshot, mails send to [email protected] will be forwarded to the email address [email protected]

After setting both these Email addresses, click on ‘Add Forwarder‘ button.

Once the email forwarder is created, you can see the existing email forwarders as shown in the screenshot below.

2) Forward All Email for a Domain

This type of Email forwarder is used to set mail forwarders from a domain to another domain. For example, if you set a forwarder from to, emails to the email account [email protected], [email protected] will be forwarded to [email protected], [email protected] respectively.

To create a domain forwarder, go to cPanel >> Mail >> Forwarders and click on Add Domain Forwarders button.


Select the source domain from the drop down menu and specify the destination domain in the adjacent box and click on ‘Add Domain Forwarder‘ button.

You can see the already created Domain Forwarders in the Forwarders page if you click on the ‘Go Back’ button.

There you go! You are done with the Email forwarder setup.

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