In this video we show you how to setup email forwarding in cPanel.

Email forwarding allows you to send a copy of an email from one email address to another. It comes in handy when you have multiple email accounts and only want to check one email to get all the messages without having to check each cPanel hosting account individually.

You can get this done via cPanel.

Follow these steps –

1. Log into your cPanel.
2. In the Mail section, click on the Forwarders icon.
3. Click the Add Forwarder button.
4. Enter the email address which you want forwarded in the Address to Forward text box.
5. Enter the email address where you want to forward emails from the above-mentioned email account.
6. Click the Add Forwarder button.

After you’ve clicked the Add Forwarder button, you’ll receive a confirmation message saying that all the emails sent to [email protected] will from now onwards be copied to [email protected]

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