1. Login to https://system.globalsign.com/au/signon/gacp/login.do?josso_back_to=http://system.globalsign.com/wb/josso_security_check
(login details are available in CDB)
2. Click on the option “SSL Certificate Management” >> “Order History & Certificate Renewals” on the left hand side.

3. Enter the Common name for which the SSL is to be renewed in the field “Common Name:”

4. Click on the latest available Certificate order number from the list and copy the CSR from it.

5. From the list below, you will see a “renew” button on the left side. Click on the button to renew it.

6. Select the renewal duration from the list under the tab “Certificate Duration & Customization of ‘ Valid from’ and ‘ Valid to’ dates”. Normally, it should be 1 year. Click on continue.
7. Verify the details in the next page and and click Next button.
8. Enter the copied CSR in the given field and click on Next button. Verify the details there and click next.

9. You will be now redirected to the approval email page. There you will have to select an accessible email account.
a. Check the MX record of the domain and confirm that email is handled by us. If yes, create an email account in a name listed ([email protected] or [email protected])) and login to the email account. Select the email and click “Next” button. This will send a confirmation mail to the selected email account
b. Give the list of the email accounts to the client and ask which one is accessible for him. Select the one and send the confirmation mail.

10. Select the first option from the payment method (Deposit).
11. Open the mail and launch the link in the browser and click on “Approve” to approve the confirmation.
12. You will be receiving the new certificate within 20 mins to support queue. Install the SSL certificate or send it to the customer if not asked for installation.
13. Verify from the link : https://system.globalsign.com/au/signon/gacp/login.do?josso_back_to=http://system.globalsign.com/wb/josso_security_check that the SSL is showing the new expiry date.

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