BoxTrapper is a very powerful tool used to filter spam emails. The idea on which BoxTrapper filter works is that it sends a challenge-response verification for each mail it receives. Most of the spammers won’t reply back to this verification asked by BoxTrapper and hence the mail will eventually be rejected. But the legit mail servers would reply back with the authentication and after verification these mails will be accepted.

The only issue with this tool is that if the mails are received from mail addresses like ‘[email protected]’  for eg: organisations, banks etc. they are most likely not going to reply back with authentication. So these mails will not be accepted. So it is recommended to whitelist such addresses via BoxTrapper whitelist/ if you are expecting it.

Here is what you need to do to enable BoxTrapper

  • Navigate to cPanel >> Email >> Box Trapper


  • In the BoxTrapper window, you can see the list of email addresses which you can manage. Click on the manage button next to the email address.


  • This brings the BoxTrapper configuration screen. Just click on the Enable button to activate it.


You can also edit the configuration settings (eg: Enable Automatic Whitelisting), edit White/Black/Ignore lists, forward emails that have passed BoxTrapper authentication to another address etc. from the BoxTrapper configuration screen.

Good Luck!

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