Your can order a UK domain transfer & there is no cost to transfer a UK domain name to Pickaweb.

You will be required to change the IPS tag to PICKAWEB & email [email protected] once that has been done and we will add your domain name to our system. The cost for the transfer is free. It is very important that you notify us by email when the IPS Tag change has been

Once the domain is transferred you will be able to manage your domain name through your Pickaweb Billing Area – there is a forgotten password feature that will email you your login details if you do not have them.

When a domain is transferred to Pickaweb the contact details are exactly as they were prior to the transfer. We can not therefore guarantee that you will be sent the login details if your email address does not appear. In this instance, if you do not receive these details please email [email protected] & we will be pleased to investigate for you.

If you have any further questions please email [email protected]

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