You can upload videos in your domain via Pickaweb site builder in two ways which are as follows.

1.  You can use the embed code from youtube and paste the embed code in the edit HTML option in the text page editor. Now you can play the video directly in the web page.

2.  You can also upload a video by following the below given steps but the user has to download the video and save it in his computer and then he can play the video from his computer hard drive.

1. Log into your site builder account.
2. Click on Edit option of the page in which you want to upload the files.
3.Click on the location in the page where you want to add the files.
4. Go to “Insert” option in the editor and select Link.
5. Select the radio button “Your Files” in the Edit Link page
6. Upload the files you want to add.
7.Click on the link icon and approve the changes.

[Note: You can upload all formats with this option. You can upload a maximum file size of 20 Mb at once.]

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