How to use Gmail chatIn this video tutorial, you’ll find out how to use Gmail chat feature.

One of the most important features offered by Gmail is instant messaging. If you’re using Gmail, you can enjoy chatting with people from inside your browser.

You can also use Google Talk, a program that needs to be installed on your computer, to chat with others.

Here is how you can use Gmail Chat

Log in to your Gmail inbox and scroll down. Locate the chat area in the left column. In this area, you’ll know that text chats are saved and searchable and you can also enjoy video chatting with people. You can close the notes by clicking on the X symbols.

Do you see the Options menu? The menu provides you with functions to sign in and out of the chat. In addition to that, you can also choose who you want to show up on your chat list. There are other functions that you can use as well for a custom chat experience.

At the top of the chat list is your own name. The Set status here menu allows you to change your status as required. As you click the arrow, you’ll see multiple options. You can set your status as Available or Busy. Let’s set it as Busy and then change it to Available.

Just above your name, you have a box which can be used to search, add or invite contacts for chatting. As you type a letter in the box, your Contact list starts to appear offering you suggestions. To the right, you have multiple functions available that you can perform for any contact that’s there in your chat list. If you want to close the Contact list, you can click anywhere outside in the background.

For example, let’s see how to chat with Demo User. Just click on the name and a chat window will appear in an instant in the bottom right corner of the Gmail page. Enter or type anything and then hit Enter to send the message to the Demo User. Since the Demo User is currently offline, the messages you send will be delivered when the user logs in. The green icon (which is otherwise grey) tells you that the user is online. When the Demo User responds to your message, the title bar of the chat area is highlighted as you can see in the video tutorial. Now, you can respond back and enjoy real time chat. Also, when the Demo User is typing a message, you’ll be notified – ‘Demo is typing’. Click the X symbol in the top right corner of the chat window to close it.

Now, scroll back up and go to Settings at the top of the page. Open up the Chat tab. In this tab, you can change or modify the settings according to your specific requirements. Usually, the default settings work fine.

In the Chat tab at the bottom, Gmail allows you to sign in to an AIM account. By signing in to AIM, you can chat with your AOL Instant Messenger buddies. Let’s click the Sign into AIM link. If you already have an AIM account, you can sign in instantly or else you can click the Get a screen name link to create a new AIM account for yourself. Click the Cancel button to go back. In case you made any changes on this page, you should click the Save Changes button to make those changes functional.

That’s how you can use the Gmail chat feature effectively to communicate with family, friends and other contacts.

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