Gmail Labels explainedThe video tutorial explains how you can use labels in Gmail effectively.

Managing labels and using labels in Gmail are related but not the same. If you want to learn using Gmail labels in an effective manner, you’ll first need to know how to manage them. Since we have already covered managing labels in an earlier video tutorial, we’ll talk about how to use them in this tutorial so that you can organize your emails in a better way.

Here’s what you need to understand and learn –

  1. For labeling conversations, you have two submenus at your disposal – Move to and Labels. Whichever of these two you want to use, you’ll first need to select an email conversation.
  2. Let’s learn using the Labels submenu. Select an email conversation and then click the Labels button to activate it. Once the submenu has opened, you can choose a label from the existing ones and apply them to the selected email conversation. The search box is helpful to find your desired label when you have plenty of them. The submenu also provides you with options to create new labels and manage labels.
  3. It’s possible to apply two different labels to a single email conversation. This can be done by opening the Labels submenu, selecting any two desired labels using the checkboxes and then clicking Apply. The labeled conversation will now show both the labels in its row in the inbox.
  4. It’s important to understand how to use the label color feature and how useful it can be. After you’ve added a particular color to a label on the left hand side and applied that label to a conversation, the label will be highlighted in the chosen color in the conversation row.
  5. The Move to feature is a little different from the Labels feature. While using the Labels feature, the email conversations are labeled but they are visible in the inbox. But the Move to feature removes the labeled conversations from the inbox and replaces it with the one you choose. First, select an email conversation and open the Move to submenu which has a similar layout as the Labels submenu except that there are no checkboxes and two more options – Spam and Trash – are available for use. Now, click on any of the label names and the selected conversation will disappear from the inbox. You can locate it by clicking the label on the left hand side.
  6. There’s one more function that you should be aware of. Open any email conversation that you’ve already labeled. At the top of the conversation, you’ll notice a list of labels along with an X sign next to them. Clicking any of the label’s X sign will remove that particular label. If you click on a label name instead, you’ll be taken to a list of all those email conversations that fall under that particular label.

Now that you know about all the functions and features for using labels in Gmail, start using them to your benefits.

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