Watch this video to find out how you can use the Multi Account Functions in WHM.

Easily manage your web hosting accounts via  your reseller plan with the Multi Account Functions feature.

In WHM, you can easily access the multi account functions feature for modifying, upgrading or terminating multiple web hosting accounts once. The Multi Account Functions provides you with two separate tools – Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts and Terminate Multiple Accounts. You can use them as per your specific requirements.

Follow these steps –

1. Log in to your WHM.
2. Click on the Multi Account Functions icon.
3. Click on the Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts sub-icon.
4. Select all those accounts that you want to change or upgrade.
5. Select a new package for those accounts from drop-down.
6. Click the Change button.

You’ve successfully modified the selected accounts.

7. Click on the Multi Account Functions link again (see top of page).
8. Click on the Terminate Multiple Accounts sub-icon.
9. Select the accounts you want terminated or deleted.
10. Type the given phrase in the text box for confirmation.
11. Click the Destroy Selected Accounts button.

You’ve successfully terminated the selected hosting accounts. While performing this task, you should make sure that you don’t terminate your main reseller account. Once you’ve terminated the selected accounts, the action can’t be undone. So, be careful!

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