How to use WordPress Media Library Every image or video or audio file that you upload via the dashboard of your WordPress site is stored in the Media Library.

The Media Library provides you with a number of options for effectively managing and modifying media files.

Here’s what you need to know

After logging in to WordPress, you can go to Media in the left navigation and then click on Library to go to the Media Library section of your site. In this section, you can view all the media files that you’ve uploaded to your site.

If you want to view only some specific files, for example video files, you can select the video option from the drop-down menu at the top and you’ll have the list of all the video files. There are two ways in which you can view the media files – list view and icon view. The List view shows you the name of the file, the author who uploaded it, the post where it is used and the date on which it was uploaded. The icon view shows you only the images without any other details.

You can also view the list of media files by dates. There’s a drop-down menu at the top allowing you to select a specific date and all the media files uploaded during that date will be listed.

At the very top just next to ‘Media Library’, you’ll notice a button – Add New. This is the button which you can use to upload new media files to your site. As soon as you click the button in question, a new space appears where you have options like ‘Drop files anywhere to upload’ and ‘Select Files’. If you use the former option, you can simply drag and drop the media file into the space provided or you can use the Select Files button to select a file from your computer and then upload it.

The WordPress Media Library doesn’t only allow you to upload media files but also manage them. When you click on any of the images, for example, currently listed in the Media Library, it provides you with an option to edit the image. You can click the ‘Edit Image’ button just below the specific image to rotate, flip or crop that image. Once you’ve edited the image as per your specific requirements, you can click the ‘Save’ button to save the changes and finally click the ‘Update’ button.

If you want to upload multiple media files to your site at once, you can do that too. All you need to do is switch to the multi-file uploader and then drag and drop the files in the space provided and they will be added to the Media Library of your WordPress site.

That’s how you can use the WordPress Media Library to manage different types of media files for your site.

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