Pickaweb is UK VAT registered & UK VAT is due on any invoices unless as per the exemptions described below.

Pickaweb´s VAT Registration Number is: GB 104 7645 26

Pickaweb´s UK company details are: Company Registration No: 7462192

UK VAT is charged at 20% for any UK customers.

UK VAT is charged to any customers based in an EU country unless they can provide a valid VAT number issued in their country. If you have a VAT number issued within the EU please send this to us for confirmation so that we can verify the details. If we are unable to verify the details we may request that you scan/fax details of your VAT number as issued by your local tax jurisdiction. We would need an invoice issued to your company which clearly states your VAT number (eg: Utility Bill) or a copy of your VAT registration certificate or other government issued identification.

To scan please email – [email protected]

To fax please send to: +44(0)800 081 1740

Any non EU customers do not need to pay UK VAT, eg: United States, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand etc. If you are not eligible to pay UK VAT please place your order but do not make payment  & email [email protected] & the VAT will be removed once we have verified your details & any subsequent invoices will not contain VAT. Please note that VAT can not be refunded if it has been paid previously and you should claim it back through your local VAT office.

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