The video tutorial explains how you can view and reply to email conversations in Gmail.

To start using Gmail appropriately, you should clearly understand and know about all the features that it offers. Most importantly, you should become aware of how you can view and reply to email conversations in Gmail. If you don’t know, Gmail doesn’t show a single entry for each email. Instead, it clubs together all the replies to an email, termed as a conversation. A few minutes of close attention will help you learn it all.

Follow these steps –

  1. Log in to your Gmail inbox.
  2. To view a conversation, click anywhere on its row.
  3. Click the Newer link to directly go to the message before the one that’s currently open in your inbox.
  4. Likewise, you can use the Older link.
  5. While viewing a conversation, click the New Window link to open it in a new window.
  6. Use the Print all link to print all the messages in a conversation.
  7. Click on the message title to expand a message in a conversation.
  8. Use Expand all or Collapse all links as required.
  9. Click the Show Details link to see more information about a message.
  10. Click the Reply link to respond to an email message.
  11. Click the Discard button if you don’t want to send the message.
  12. Click the Back to Inbox link to return to the inbox.

That’s how you can view the email conversations and reply to them in Gmail as per your requirements.


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