What can I use a domain name forFirst and foremost a domain name is internet real estate. When you buy a domain name you are taking it off the market so that nobody else can use it.

Domain names are cheap, there are loads of different extensions and they only take a few minutes to register.

If you need help in choosing the right domain for your business, check our Definitive Guide To Buying Domain Names.

What You Can Do With a Domain Name

In this article we’ll show you exactly how you can use your domain names.

Watch this video about everything you need to know about domains.

Protect Your Brand

If you are a business we would recommend getting several extensions of your domain name so that nobody can start to use them or try to sell them to you for a higher price. Domain names are cheap so it is a wise investment.

You will also be protecting against people running scams or trying to use similar domains to yours to discredit you or to try to cheat people into revealing confidential information such as login credentials.

If you are a UK business for example, you can register the .co.uk as your main domain and then register alternative extensions like .com and .uk as a minimum.

Once you have these you can then park your domains so that they redirect to your main domain name. You can set up domain parking via your hosting control panel.

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Create A Professional Website

These days very few businesses will use a free website. You can use your domain name to create a professional website.

You have a number of options to build your website. For beginners there is Website Builder which allows you to quickly build a professional looking website based on pre-made templates. It has loads of features such as unlimited pages, add logo and images, maps, contact forms, SEO features, social media and Google Analytics integration.

Another option is WordPress, a popular Content Management System (CMS). More than 25% of all websites use WordPress. It is a bit more complicated to use than Website Builder but it will give you amazing results. If you choose WordPress it is unlikely that you would need to change to another platform in the future.

WordPress is really strong on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and there are tons of ready made templates (WordPress Themes) and extra programs (WordPress Plugins).

Create Personalised Email Addresses

The days of running a business on hotmail or gmail email addresses are long since past.

These days a personalised email address based on your domain name is the minimum you should be using.

You can create your email addresses via your hosting control panel configure your email addresses to download to an email client such as Outlook or to GMail.

If you want to get your emails on the move then you can set up emails on your iPad or you can setup email to your iPhone.

Create Personalised Nameservers

If you are using Reseller Hosting, VPS or a Dedicated Server then you will want to use Custom Nameservers.

This enables you to present your own nameservers instead of using Pickaweb’s so that you present yourself as an independent host rather than as Pickaweb.

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