Domain extensions you can host with PickawebYou can host any type of commercially available domain extension with Pickaweb such as, .com, .net, etc..

When you register a domain name you have the ability to ‘point’ it to the web hosting server that provides your website hosting and email services.

This is done through the use of DNS or Nameservers as they are more commonly referred to. When you sign up for a web hosting plan you will be sent the Nameservers you need to use. They will look something like this (this is just an example):

How Do I Update My Domain’s Nameservers And How Long Does It Take?

You can update your Nameservers via your Domain Management Area. With Pickaweb this is located in your Pickaweb Client Area.

When you make these changes they can take between 12 to 48 hours to take effect fully although it is often much quicker. This period is called ‘Propagation’. During this period there may be instances where emails can not be sent or received. For this reason we would recommend making Nameserver changes during quiet periods such as the evening or weekends to minimise interruption.

Can I Redirect Domain Names?

Yes, if you have for example a domain name that you are using for your website and you have the .com equivalent and you want to redirect any traffic from the .com domain name to the domain name then you just need to set up domain parking via your hosting control panel.

When you park a domain name you must make sure that the Nameservers of any domains that you are parking are set as exactly the same as the Nameservers of the main domain.

Can I Host More Than One Domain Name?

Yes, you can host more than one domain name in your hosting plan as long as that plan allows Addon Domains. With an addon domain you just ‘add’ the domain via cpanel. When you do this you can create a completely new website using that domain name and set up email accounts using the addon domain too.

As with parked domains, you must first make sure that any domains you wish to use as Addon domains have the same Nameserver settings as the main domain.

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