Wordpress pingbacksFor effective comment management in WordPress, you use pingbacks.

To give you an example lets assume David publishes a new post on his WordPress site and he links out to Marks blog and he also uses WordPress.

Mark´s website will receive a pingback that his post has been linked to along with the URL of that particular page (on David’s site) where that link appears.

This option will work if both sites and pingbacks option enabled.

When talking about pingbacks, you should also know about what self-pings are. If you run a WordPress site which has pingbacks enabled, you must have noticed that you receive pings from your own site every time you link internally. These are known as self pings. For some people, self pings are not an issue. But for others, self pings become a nuisance.

So, how can you stop self-pings?

If you want self-pings (pings within your own site) irritating, you can stop it in minutes. All you need to do is shorten the post URL, deducting the part that contains the domain name.

To stop self-pings, replace this URL:


with this:


But you should make sure that the WordPress visual editor does not add the domain part to the shortened link again. What you need to do is check out the post in the HTML version and see whether the link appears in the shortened form before you make the post go live.

You can think of pingbacks as remote comments. All the pingbacks are visible in the comments section of your WordPress site. It’s not difficult to differentiate between pingbacks and regular comments. If it’s a pingback, it will carry the anchor text of the link to your site in square brackets. Though you can also disable pingbacks, it’s recommended not to do so to keep yourself aware of who links to your site and when.

Trackbacks are also similar to pingbacks, with only a couple of differences. One basic difference between the two is that pingbacks are automatic while trackbacks are manual.

Another difference is that when a pingback is received, it doesn’t contain any content with it while a trackback contains an excerpt of content.

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