Plugins are addons that you can install on your WordPress Blog.

These are designed to add more functionality to your blog. There are thousands of plugins to choose from.

For example, you can display related posts for each entry (post or page) without having to mess with code. Unless you’re truly a tech geek or a programmer, you’d always like to go the plugin way and use a plugin like the Yet Another Related Posts (YARP).

You’ll find –

Free WordPress Plugins
Premium WordPress Plugins

You can find a plugin of your choice from different sources. But the most reliable and the most recommended place is the official WordPress plugin directory which stores thousands of free plugins. You can search for plugins using keywords or author name and if it’s available, it will certainly appear in the search result of the official directory. You can then navigate to the plugin’s dedicated page and download it to your computer for installation and activation on your WordPress site.

When there are already thousands of plugins available in the official WordPress Directory for free, why should one buy premium plugins? Well, it’s crucial to understand that not all free plugins are good, and safe to use. Many of the free plugins may compromise the security of your WordPress site because either they’ve not been updated for years or they contain some kind of bug which might conflict with other plugins or your site. You should always keep an eye out to distinguish between good and bad WordPress plugins. On the other hand, premium plugins are always up-to-date for the simple reason that they charge a fee. In addition, paid or premium or pro-version plugins offer fulltime support to users. The technical support team and the developers are always ready to help you with any issue.

While using plugins, you should know –

How to Install a WordPress Plugin
How to Uninstall a WordPress Plugin
How to Remove a WordPress Plugin

Only because there are tons of plugins available doesn’t mean you should install too many of them on your site. It’s recommended that you use only those plugins that you really need. Using too many plugins makes your WordPress site heavier and may lead to different types of issues from time to time. Before you install any plugin, you should make sure it’s up-to-date, has been downloaded at least a few thousand times and comes from a trustworthy author or developer.

If you haven’t checked the official WordPress plugin directory yet, you should visit it now and take a stroll to have a fair idea about the different types of plugins available and what kind of functionality and features they can add to your WordPress site in moments.

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