SSL certificate explainedIn basic terms an SSL Certificate allows you to create a secure connection between your website and the browser of someone visiting your website.

This ensures that an data passed between the browser and the website is encrypted and secure from third parties (i.e. hackers).

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The most common use is for websites where secure data is passed across such as card payment details or secure login details.

How Does an SSL Certificate Work?

The way that SSL Certificates work is that when they are installed on a web server for a particular domain name they switch the website to the secure HTTPS protocol – you may be more familiar with the padlock icon that appears when browsing on HTTPS websites.

Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

If you run an Ecommerce site where you are accepting online payments then you definitely need an SSL Certificate. Of course, maybe you are using a third party payment gateway to process the payments and in that case when your client goes to make the payment they do so on their secure site, not yours.

However, to reassure your clients you should definitely consider an SSL Certificate.

But nowadays online security is an important issue and Google is leading the way. In fact they actually announced that HTTPS was a ranking signal . What this means in layman’s terms is that when their systems evaluate which websites to give a higher ranking in their search results, one of the factors they look at is whether or not they are using an SSL Certificate to offer HTTPS browsing.

Therefore if you are looking to get a better ranking for your website you should consider purchasing an SSL Certificate.

What Types of SSL Certificate Are There?

There are two main types of SSL Certificate which are described below:

Extended Validation SSL

This type of SSL has the green browser bar and padlock and it shows the company’s legal name in the browser’s address bar. When you order an Extended Validation SSL Certificate the organization purchasing it needs to provide documentation as proof of the legal status of the company.

Standard SSL

This type of SSL does not have the green browser bar and whilst it shows the green padlock it does not show the company’s legal name in the browser’s address bar. These types of certificate are issued instantly.

What Do I Need For An SSL Certificate?

If you are hosting with Pickaweb you just need to choose which SSL Certificate you want and we will send you an email asking you to confirm the setup and we will install it for you. You will also need a Dedicated IP address which we can provide for you.

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