goMobi is an easy to use mobile website builder  that will help you create a mobile version of your website in a few minutes.

Millions of people are now using their mobile phones to surf the Internet and look for information and services. goMobi ensures customers can easily find their businesses anywhere, anytime. Thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, their customers get immediate access on their mobile phone to all the key information about the business and are able to contact them with just one click or touch.

What are the benefits to my customers?

goMobi helps your customers address the rapidly growing number of mobile web users, and provides them with an easy and welcoming way to grow their business. goMobi is the perfect solution for a customer looking to capture more business from mobile users: it is easy to set up and maintain, helps them increase their visibility and maximizes every lead.

How is my goMobi mobile site built?

When your customer signs up for goMobi, they get access to the user friendly goMobi Control Panel which puts them in charge of their site’s look and content. With the Control Panel their site can be built in minutes and edited whenever you wish. Another great feature of the goMobi site is that some of the content from the full site will already be populated for them on the goMobi site, such as the telephone number, address and logo etc.

What is included with goMobi?

The following is included in the package:

– Hosting of the goMobi site
– Unlimited access to the Control Panel to modify the customers mobile website site
– A fair use policy applies to traffic volumes a 2,000 page views per day is the approximate ceiling.
Set up your mobile domain

Log in to your cPanel and add a CNAME record:

Log in to cPanel.
Click on “Simple DNS Zone Editor”.
If you have multiple add-on domains – choose the appropriate one from the drop down menu.
Under “Add a CNAME record”, in the NAME field type “m.”
In the CNAME field type “lb.gomobi.info”.
Build your goMobi mobile site.

Log in to your goMobi account using the credentials provided in your welcome email. Click on Launch Site builder and create your site using the Design and Features tab. Scroll down the list of features and select those you would like to add to your goMobi site. Click the OK button to instantly add them to your site.

Redirect mobile traffic to your new goMobi site If you want your site to automatically identify the mobile device used by your visitors, please select the appropriate language from the “redirection code language” drop-down menu.

Paste this code into the header of your site’s index.html file.

The goMobi site builder presents several options for generating the detect/redirect code you’ll need to place in your main site home page.

When you click on the “Select Redirection Code Language” drop-down menu, you’ll be offered four choices:


The language selection will depend on how your site is built, and you or your webmaster are the best person to make the appropriate selection. Please note that all these languages have their benefits and shortcomings and you should select the one that best fits your website and visitors.

Mobile Website Builder – Key Features

About us – one click and customers know about you
Opening hours – tell customers when you are open for business
Products – highlight your products
Services – highlight your services
Photos – showcase your photos
Your news – share your news
Blog – share your blog
Full website – link to your full website
Other content – create one click icons to highlight other content
Call us – one click for your customers to call you
Find us – Google map and directions
Call me back – call your customers back
Reservations – let your customers request a reservation
Leave a message – customers can leave a message requesting information
Information updates – your customers opt-in to receive regular updates
Coupons – your special offers
Tell-a-friend – your customers can SMS a friend about you
Social networking – let your customers connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
Search engine optimisation – be found and drive traffic
Traffic stats – know where your customers are going on your site
Add 3rd party advertising – create new revenue from your site

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