Reseller hosting featuresWhen you order a Reseller Hosting you don’t need to worry about getting any cPanel licences or anything like that, it’s all included.

With a Reseller plan you get a bulk amount of diskspace and bandwidth which you can resell onto your clients as you wish.

When you sign up you will receive a welcome email which contains a link to your main Reseller Administration area. This is a tool called WHM and it looks different to cPanel but it is all part of the same family of software.

Can I Make My Reseller Private Label?

Yes. The email will also contain details of the Nameservers for your hosting. If you would like to setup Custom Nameservers then you will need to purchase a domain name specifically for this purpose and two IP addresses to use as your nameservers.

What Hosting Plans Can I Setup For My Clients?

Once you are logged in to your WHM account the first thing we recommend that you do is to create different hosting packages for your clients. For example you could create Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each plan would have a set of features and an amount of resource allocated to them.

For example you could create the following plans:

Feature/Plan Bronze Silver Gold
Disk Space 100 MB 500MB 1GB
Email Accounts 1 20 50
Monthly Bandwidth 1GB 10GB 100GB
MySQL Databases 0 2 10
Addon Domains 0 5 20

Once you have created your Packages you can then start to create the individual plans for each of your clients.

To do this you just need to navigate to the Create a New Account section and it is easy to set up new accounts.

What Happens If I Hit The Limits Of Disk Space Or Bandwidth?

With a Reseller Plan you are allocated a bulk amount of disk space and bandwidth. However, we allow overselling which means that you can create plans which allow more space to be sold in total than you have available.

To illustrate this let’s use the following example:

You have a Reseller account with 50GB space allocated to you. You want to set up accounts offering 10GB space. Therefore you can set up 10 accounts and in theory you have ‘oversold’ your total amount. That means that if your 10 clients all use up their space then that would require 100GB (i.e. 10 clients x 10GB each = 100GB in total).

However, as long as you are within the 50GB limits of what is actually used there is no issue and you can continue selling the 10GB plans. The limit of 50GB only matters if your clients’ actual diskspace use hits or exceeds 50GB. In that case you would need to upgrade your Reseller account or consider a more robust solution such as a VPS or Dedicated Server.

How Many Accounts Can I Host On My Reseller Account?

You can host as many accounts as you like as long as you are within the limits of your plan in terms of disk space and bandwidth.

Do I Need To Be A Techie To Run A Reseller Account?

No. A Reseller Hosting account is quite intuitive and the WHM interface has a gentle learning curve. Most of your customers will have fairly basic needs unless they are technically advanced users in which case they will probably organise their own hosting.

A VPS or a Dedicated Server does need more technical skills, mainly because you need to manage it and perform regular housekeeping to keep it safe. See differences here. However that is not the case with a reseller package because we will manage all of the technical stuff for you behind the scenes. You just need to focus on selling more hosting and looking after your hosting clients.

Can’t I Just Host My Clients On Cpanel As Addon Domains?

That is an option, but we would not recommend this approach. The reason we would not recommend it is that while it may save you a few pounds each month you will spend much more time on administration.

The reason for this is that the advantage of being a Reseller is that you can create individual cPanel accounts for your clients. That way they have their own login and can manage their hosting themselves.

If you were to use Addon domains in cPanel using a shared hosting plan  instead of a full Reseller account then you would always need to login to cPanel to make any changes such as creating email accounts, resetting passwords, etc..

For this reason we strongly recommend using a WHM Reseller account for offering hosting services to your clients.

What Happens If My Clients Don’t Pay Me?

In cases where clients don’t pay you or in instances where you need to temporarily suspend their account (e.g. in cases where their account has been compromised or is sending SPAM) then you can suspend their account in WHM.

When the client goes to their domain they will see a Hosting Suspended page which you can customise with your own page or message to redirect your clients to your payment area or provide them with the necessary contact details.

You can also terminate hosting accounts in WHM when a client needs to cancel their hosting.

Can I Set Up WordPress Websites For My Clients?

WordPress requires a MySQL database so your clients can use WordPress for their websites as long as you have assigned a MySQL database for them.

Setting up WordPress is easy using the Softaculous one click installation tool. Your clients can access Softaculous in cPanel.

Who Supports My Hosting Clients?

You are responsible for providing first line support for your clients. However, we are here to support you 24 x7 so that you can assist your clients. If there is anything that you can not resolve or if you are unsure we are here to help. There is not much that you will encounter that our team can not find a solution to.

Do You Offer Other Free Software Like Ecommerce?

Yes, we offer hundreds of software applications via the One Click Installation Tool called Softaculous which is located in the cPanel account of each of your clients.

We have some of the best Ecommerce tools like Prestashop and Magento available for you.

What Type Of Hardware Is My Reseller Account Hosted On?

As a minimum or Reseller Hosting is hosted on servers with the following specification:

Is My Reseller Account Backed Up?

Yes. We use r1soft/Idera to backup our servers on a regular basis. These backups are used for our purposes in the unlikely event of hardware failure. We also offer a value added reseller backup service where you can allow your clients to manage their own backups.

What Happens If I Outgrow My Reseller Plan?

Often people outgrow their Reseller Plan as their business grows. This could be because they want to offer more power to their clients or because they want to run a particular configuration that they can’t with a Reseller account (e.g. run a non standard software or use features like SSH).

In these cases a Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers a very flexible upgrade option for you. With a VPS you get your own virtual server with guaranteed CPU and RAM and allocated disk space and bandwidth.

The beauty of a VPS is that it is extremely costs effective and scalable so you can add CPU processing power and RAM to ensure that your client’s hosting is really fast.

VPS are also extremely resilient because data is written across several hard drives on several physical machines so the possibility of data loss due to hardware failure is dramatically reduced.

Can You Migrate My Hosting From Other Providers?

Yes, but there is a small proviso. We can migrate your client’s accounts as long as they are hosted on a cPanel server. If you want to migrate an entire Reseller account then this can be done but as long as it is from a cPanel server and depending on the number of accounts and the amount of disk space involved.

In cases where we are migrating Resellers these may need to be done individually by account.

In any cases of migration we require that the client makes the Nameserver changes themselves once we have confirmed that the migration is complete.

Can I Resell Domain Names?

Currently we offer an attractive discount for our Resellers so that you have an extra revenue stream for your business.

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