cPanel control panel included in reseller hosting packagesYes. cPanel is included in all of our Reseller Hosting Plans.

There are no additional fees to pay for cPanel Licences – that is all included in the price.

There are two interfaces of cPanel that you will need to familiarise yourself with. They are:

  • Web Host Manager (WHM)
  • cPanel

What Is The Difference Between WHM And Cpanel?

The offering from cPanel is hierarchical. In order to create accounts for your clients you have to logn to WHM (Web Host Manager).

WHM is the top level of administration. This is the main difference between cPanel and WHM.

Then your clients need to be able to login to cPanel so that they can manage all aspects of their hosting such as creating and managing email accounts, setting up databases, automating tasks, etc..

So think of WHM as being the main area where you create packages and setup your clients’ hosting accounts. Only you have access to WHM.

Then there is the main cPanel interface which is created for each client that you have. This is where they manage their hosting. Both you and your client can access their cPanel account.What Are The Main Features Of WHM?

When your sign up to the service your acccount is setup you will be sent a welcome email. This contains the login details for your WHM account.

The main features are:

Setup a remote access key

A Remote Access Key allows WHM to interact with external software such as a billing tool

Check server status & information

The Server Status feature allows you to check the list of services running on the server via a dashboard so that corrective action can be taken if required

Manage hosting packages

Save time by creating hosting packages which specify key resources such as disk space, bandwidth and email accounts

Create a new web hosting account in cPanel

Quickly create new accounts for your clients

Modify the suspended page

From time to time you may need to suspend clients. This could be for non payment or for abuse related issues such as spamming. Creating a custom suspended page can give them instructions so that they can contact you quickly to resolve any issues

Change a hosting account password

Ability to change your client’s cpanel login details

Setup Skeleton directory

A Skeleton Directory is useful for new clients whose domain names have not yet propagated. A Skeleton Directory is a link you can provide so that they can access their cPanel via a non domain based link. Without this clients would need to wait 12 to 24 hours to access their cPanel

Suspend or unsuspend a hosting account

You have the ability to suspend or unsuspend hosting accounts for whatever reason

Terminate a hosting account

You can terminate accounts permanently

Upgrade or downgrade a web hosting account

You can upgrade or downgrade their clients accounts quickly and easily

Multi-functions option

Save time by upgrading, downgrading or terminating multiple accounts at the same time

Feature manager

Lets you assign a custom set of features (e.g. change MX records, use addon domains, etc.) to a specific package to save time when creating new accounts. Ideal for differentiating your hosting plans with value added features

Manage DNS zones

Advanced feature to provide extra DNS control

Manage MX entries

Allows you to set MX entries for clients who want to host their email on another server

Park a domain name

Domain parking is a useful feature to redirect other domain names to the client’s primary domain name

Mail troubleshooter

Troubleshoot email issues by testing any email address by tracing its route from the server

cPanel branding

Customize the look and feel of the cPanel interface that your clients see

News feature

Add News that will appear in the Client’s cPanel interface when they login

Generate and install an SSL certificate

Easily create and install SSL certificates for your clients

Change WHM password

Basic password security feature

Enable or disable demo mode

Provide a demo version of cPanel for prospective clients to see

Limit bandwidth usage

Set bandwidth limits for your clients

Modify a hosting account

Easily update an account and change their settings as required

Modify a hosting account quota

Quickly update a client’s disk space quota

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