Joomla explained

In this post we will explain what Joomla is.

Joomla is a popular free, OpenSource Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.

Joomla can be set up using a one click installation via your web hosting control panel.

Joomla is offered free with our hosting plans.

Joomla was originally released in 2005 and is an alternative to WordPress and is probably better suited to more experienced users than WordPress because it has the flexibility to act as a back end application as much as a front end website.

Whereas WordPress has a gentle learning curve and is accessible to novices, Joomla is a powerful design toolkit that is more suited to experienced users in order to get the most out of it.

Joomla scores well in terms of social features and it has some Ecommerce features included as standard whereas with WordPress that would require using Plugins like WooCommerce.

Joomla sits in the middle of WordPress and Drupal because it is more extendible than WordPress but not as complex as Drupal. Where it performs really strongly is in multimedia applications and socially driven sites.

There is a large and active online community and there are thousands of extensions which means that you can add extra features and functionality to your site.

For Joomla Hosting it needs to be setup on a LAMP Stack.

We have also prepared a more detailed comparison of Content Management Systems.

What Are The Advantages Of Joomla?

  • One click installation
  • Stable, well documented CMS
  • Ecommerce built in rather than an addon
  • Plenty of ready made templates
  • Excellent for Multimedia and social network sites
  • Extremely scalable and can handle traffic if configured with appropriate hardware architecture

What Are The Disadvantages Of Joomla?

  • Steeper learning curve than WordPress – not suitable for beginners
  • Developer skills will be higher cost than WordPress Developer

Updating Joomla

You can view the latest version of Joomla via the Joomla Download page.

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