MySQL is a popular Database system launched in 1995 by Swedish Company My SQL AB.

It is written in C and C++ and is frequently used in web hosting environments and forms the ‘M’ in the acronym ‘LAMP’ (i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl).

After SQLite it is the most popular Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). The advantage of an RDBMS is speed. This is achieved by storing the data in tables rather than one single data store.

It is the database of choice for many OpenSource Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal as well as for popular bulletin tools like PHPBB and MyBB.

MySQL is offered in several versions; OpenSource MySQL Community Server as well as three commercial MySQL versions: Standard Edition, MySQL Enterprise Edition and Cluster Carrier Grade Edition.

MySQL is offered free with our hosting plans.

Managing MySQL Via Graphical Interface

  • MySQL can be managed through a number of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). This offers the advantage that they are easier to learn than using the Command Line Interface. Here are some examples:
  • MySQL WorkBench. The native MySQL GUI which allows users to visually create, manage and migrate MySQL Databases
  • Adminer. Adminer (formerly phpMinAdmin) was started in 2007 as a lightweight MySQL management tool. They claim a better user interface and improved security
  • Database Workbench. This tools works with various types of Database engines so it offers a familiar interface for Developers working on different projects.
  • DBEdit. DBEdit is written in JAVA and is compatible with different types of RDBMS.
  • phpMyAdmin. The most popular MySQL GUI phpMyAdmin is accessible via the hosting control panel and was created specifically to manage MySQL over the web

What Are The Advantages of MySQL?

  • It’s Free. MySQL is OpenSource. Just download and start using
  • Ease of use. With just a few commands a novice can start to use MySQL
  • Security. MySQL uses several layers of security and access rights and privileges can be set for users. Encrypted passwords are also used
  • Low Cost. MySQL is available for free download
  • Performance. MySQL is fast without compromising on the main features that most Developers require to deploy advanced, feature rich systems
  • Scalability. You can start small and scale up without migrating to another database. Supports in excess of 50 million rows
  • Memory efficiency. MySQL has been proven to have low memory leakage
  • Compatibility. MySQL is compatible with most popular Linux Operating Systems as well as WIndows
  • Low Overhead. MySQL uses very low levels of key resources (CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, etc.)

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