Shared hosting explainedShared hosting is a standard  type of web hosting ideal for beginners who are starting out looking for a low cost hosting solution.

On a shared hosting package your website will not be the only website hosted on the server.

There will be other websites belonging to other companies or individuals.

These shared hosting accounts will be sharing the same ip address.

Once you outgrow this type of hosting and need something a bit more dedicated to yourself you can look at options like vps hosting or a dedicated server.

What Are the Advantages of Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is low cost, very easy and quick to get up and running. It is pretty much instant.

You just need to order a domain name, hosting and you can start publishing your site to the internet.

All of our hosting plans include website builder which is a great DIY tool for creating a website.

You can create a professional website with no technical knowledge.

There is nothing to donwload. You just use the web interface.

What Are The Disadvantages of A Shared Hosting Environment?

Because you are hosted on a server where there are other websites hosted too, if for some reason they started spamming the server ip could get blacklisted.

Most companies monitor this daily and make sure that their servers are never listed on blacklists.

You can avoid having this issue by having your own dedicated ip or upgrading to a virtual private server or dedicated server.

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