How to build your own website with website builderPickaweb’s Website Builder is a do it yourself tool for building websites. It is aimed at non technical users who need an easy to use tool to build and maintain their website.

Pickaweb offers a free Website Builder tool with all hosting plans. The advantage of building your first website with Website Builder is that you will have a professional website with loads of useful features. You can maintain your website and add or remove content.

You can create as many pages as you like. There are lots of useful features such as contact forms, maps, social media and you can even accept PayPal payments.

Here is a list of the main features:

  • Template Based
  • Drag and Drop interface – no coding
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Easy to Add images and logo
  • Text Editor
  • Maps Feature
  • Contact Forms
  • Internal Linking
  • SEO Features
  • Analytics
  • Social Media Features
  • Accepting Payments

Let’s look at them in turn.

Template Based Websites

Website Builder uses templates. Just choose the template you want and you can start to edit it.

Many of the websites are made in HTML5 so they are mobile friendly. There are loads of different themes and categories to choose from so you should find something for you.

Drag and Drop Interface

One of the really great features of Website Builder is the drag and drop interface. Just choose what you want to use and move it to where you want it. There is no coding or anything like that so it’s super easy to use.

Unlimited Pages

Websites that have more content tend to do better in the search rankings. With Website Builder there are no limitations so you can create as many pages as you like.

Easy to Add Images and Logo

If you want to add your company logo or upload your images it’s really easy. Just choose where you want them to go and upload from your hard drive. You can change the size or position easily too.

Text Editor

You can easily add your text. Just cut and paste it wherever you want it to go and then you can format it as if you were using your favourite word processing tool. You can adjust the font, the size, make text bold, italicised, different colours etc.. Website Builder is really flexible when it comes to text editing.

You can also add bullet points or create headlines to emphasise your content.

Maps Feature

Adding a map to your business is super easy. In fact all you need to do is to add your address and Website Builder will hook up to Google Maps and find your location. It really is that simple.

Contact Form

Adding a Contact Us form to your website allows people to contact you directly through your website. You just choose the fields you want to use like name, email address, etc., then set the email address you want to send the contact details to and it’s all done.

Once your visitor completes their details an email is sent to you and they are taken to a ‘Thank You’ page that you can create.

Linking Between Pages

To make it easy for your visitors to navigate around your site you can easily link between pages. This is also important for Search Engine Optimization because this sends signals to Google about the content of each page on your site.

You just select the text you want to link from (Anchor Text) and the page that you want to link to (Target Page).

SEO Features

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this means setting up your website for better rankings in search engines – mainly Google and Bing.

Fortunately it’s really easy with Website Builder. The main things you need to do are as follows:

Metatags – Page Title and Meta Descriptions

Headings – like Headings in Word or Google Docs

URLs – the address of each page of your website

What you need to remember is to include your keywords (words and phrases that people search on) in these.

With Website Builder you can easily edit and update all of the above. It’s very straightforward.

Website Analytics

Once your website is up and running you’ll want to know how many people are visiting and what they do when they get to your site. The best way to do this is to sign up for free services like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Once you’ve signed up you just need to enter a tracking ID that Google provide for you (just cut and paste it) and it will start to monitor all the visits to your website. That way you don’t have to worry about adding code or anything like that.

Social Media Features

You’ll most likely want to link up your website to your favourite social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. With Website Builder you just select the icon you want to use and then copy and paste your social media profile in the space provided and your visitors will be taken to your social media account.

Accepting Online Payments

One of the really great things about Website Builder is that you can accept payments from PayPal. You just need to specify the name, price, currency and shipping costs for anything you want to sell and then add your PayPal email address and you’re ready to go.


As you can see, Website Builder has all of the features you need to get your business online. There’s no complicated coding involved. Just choose the template you like and off you go.

You can add as many pages as you like and add images, a logo and text. You can format the pages and use features like maps and a contact us page.

To improve your search ranking and get more traffic you have a full range of SEO tools so you can optimise your website for success. You can even start selling online with an easy to use PayPal integration.

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