The URL of your WordPress site has to be configured correctly. If there are errors in the configuration, you’ll face different types of issues like redirection to a different site or absence of images. Therefore, it’s important that you update your domain in WordPress.

Given below are all the key instructions you’ll need to update your WordPress domain URL –

[Note: Before you proceed with domain fixing, make sure you have a full backup.]

If you have a wordpress hosting service please follow these steps:

1. Update Through File Manager or FTP

It’s quite easy to update your WordPress site URL using File Manager or FTP. Just two lines of code, and you’re done.

> Log in to cPanel and go to File Manager or connect via FTP.
> Navigate to your WordPress directory.
> Edit the wp-config.php file.
> Update (or add) this code:

define(“WP_SITEURL”,”desired url address”);
define(“WP_HOME”,”desired url address”);

> Save the changes.

2. Update with Softaculous

You can make these changes in cPanel via Softaculous.

Follow these steps –

> Click on the Softaculous icon in your hosting control panel.
> Click on all installations.
> Find the WordPress page you want to move in the list and click clone.
> Fill out the addres you would like your wordpress page copied too and click clone installation.

As you click Yes, you’ll get a confirmation message informing you about the successful change of the domain. Remember that this tool works only for a selected WordPress installation. Since the tool configures the domain only in the database, you’ll need to move or point the domain to the installation directory through the cPanel.

3. Update with Database Access

You can fix the WordPress home URL also from the database. Whether you want to update a URL or use a temporary URL, you can get it all done by following the steps given below.

> Log into your cPanel.
> Go to the wp-config.php file to collect the WordPress database name.

i) In the Files section, click the File Manager icon.
ii) Select the wp-config.php file in the base directory for your blog.
iii) Right-click on the file and select View.
iv) Find this line: define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘username_wrdp1’);
v) Exit the File Manager and return to cPanel home.

> In the Databases section of cPanel, click on the phpMyAdmin icon.
> In the left menu, click on the database name.
> In the left menu, click on the wp_options table.
> In the option_name column, look for the siteurl and home variables and then click the > symbol to go to the next page. On Page 2, you’ll find the Home URL.
> Change those variables to the correct address for your site.

i) Click Edit on the far left of the option name.
ii) On the next page, place the full URL for your WordPress site in the large text box against the option_value field.
iii) Click Go.

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