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Tony Messer & Pilar Torres Walhberg

Tony Messer & Pilar Torres Walhberg

Tony Messer and Pilar Torres Wahlberg are successful entrepreneurs, authors and speakers. They started out with nothing and were up against multi-million pound competitors. Several years later they were running a number of successful international web hosting companies.

Keyword Mastery (Refine Your Keywords)

Our collection of useful keyword tools

How to do keyword research

Analyze the Competition

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Fine Tuning Your Site

Page Title:

<title>Enter Site or Page Title Here</title>

Meta Description:

<meta name="description" content="Enter the page description here" />

Headings - The html code for Headings is really easy:


<h1>Enter you heading here</h1>
<h2>Enter you heading here</h2>
<h3>Enter you heading here</h3>

Internal Link Structure (Anchor Text)

Using the example in the book, the html for the link would look like this:

<a href="http://www.YOURDOMAINNAMEHERE">Office Furniture London</a>

Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics

XML Sitemap

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Google Alerts

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Link Building Mastery

Easy Wins - DMOZ, The Most Important Directory

Easy Wins - Submit your website to Google

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When Mobiles (Will) Rule The World!

Pickaweb's Mobile Website Builder

It's Good to Chat

We recommend this Live Chat tool which we use on our website

24 x 7 is greater than 8 x 5

We recommend you sign up for a 24-hour Live Answering Service

Conclusion - Checklist

  • The first place to start is in your choice of Keywords. If you get this even half right, then you give yourself a much better chance of being found and having a good position in search engine results. Do nothing about it, and you are probably doomed to spend your business life in the slow lane (or on page 50 of Google!).
  • Choose your fights carefully. Look for Keywords that have good traffic but lower competition.
  • Next, optimise your website. Get those Keywords in your Metatags, URLs and text of your website.
  • Once you have set your Keywords in place, and you can see that you have fixed any red flags that Google Webmaster Tools throws up, then you are ready to start marketing your website.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors and try to apply any good strategies that they are using for your own benefit.
  • Focus on natural linking patterns rather than getting links from everyone and anyone and don’t focus all your efforts on your home page. Build links to your internal pages too, and mix up the anchor text – don’t just get links that have your keywords as anchor text or that will look suspicious to Google.
  • Go for some easy wins, like directories, local listings and a couple of well-placed articles, and remember to get reviews for Google Places.
  • Set up a Blog too. Start to demonstrate your expertise and develop the themes of your ‘Online Opinion’.
  • Then focus your attention on Social Media. Understanding your Social Media Profile and role will enable you to create a dynamic long-term Social Media Plan.
  • Set up a mobile-friendly version of your website. Mobile is going to be massive, so you need to be in that space.
  • Once you start to see that you are getting traffic, you can then start to focus on conversion.
  • Create a ‘Headline’, and support it with the benefits that you offer. Make sure you have a ‘Call To Action’ that tells people clearly what to do.
  • Business is based on ‘Trust’. Generate ‘Trust’ by including customer reviews, and any awards or accreditations that you have.
  • Make sure that when customers want to contact you that they can do so at a time that suits them, and in a way that they feel comfortable with. If appropriate use a chat facility on your website to increase the number of ways that customers can initiate contact with you.
  • Remember that customer contact is like gold dust. Do not let those emails fall between the cracks or go unanswered. A basic Helpdesk Tool will help you to achieve this.
  • Never miss a call by making yourself available 24/7 using a 24 hour live answering service.
  • Use Video to both attract people to your website, and to engage with them. There are loads of options that do not necessarily require you to appear on screen.
  • Offer your visitors something for Free from your website in return for their contact details. Link this to an Auto-Responder Tool and send a sequence of personalised emails to them. No hard sell required. This will help to keep you in mind when they are ready to purchase.
  • Understand the Lifetime Value of a Client to your business. Remember it is much easier to sell to existing clients than it is to sell to new prospects.
  • Finally, create a Marketing Calendar and stick to it! It does not need to be perfect, but just the fact of writing something down will help to focus your activities. Never perform a marketing task without having an outline idea of how you will measure its success.
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