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The Definitive Guide to Responsive Web Design


What is Responsive Web Design?

Some great resources to give you a clear understanding of exactly what Responsive Web Design is. See what it looks like in the real world and test if your website is responsive. Are you ready? Well let’s go..


Why Responsive Web Design is Important

Responsive exists because the web is changing. People are accessing the web more & more via mobile devices. Google endorses it and promote mobile friendly sites in their search results. Enough said.


Switching to Responsive? Some Points to Consider

With opportunities come risks. In this chapter we lay out some points for you to consider when you want to make the switch.


Tools of the Trade

A whole industry and community has grown up to support Responsive Design. Here are some essential tools to help you get it right!


Responsive Web Design & SEO

Aside from the immediate advantage that having a Responsive website gives you in Google’s eyes there are a number of other advantages open to you. Here we lay them out for you.


Best (and Worst) Responsive Design Practices

Switching designs is never a straightforward process, but forewarned is forearmed. Here are some pointers to make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible.


Amazing Parallax Scrolling Websites and Infographics

Static website or static infographic? That’s soooo boring. People want to share visually appealing work - so take some inspiration from these beautiful examples and give your content some attitude.


Epic Responsive Resources

Here are some brilliant resources to inspire you and help your website rock!


Some Great Responsive Tutorials

Need a helping hand? We’ve pulled together some fantastic tutorials to make sure you set off on the right foot.


Beautiful Responsive Templates

You’re gonna LOVE these Responsive templates - and many of them are FREE! Now there’s no reason for you to delay your switch to a Responsive website.


Examples of World Class Responsive Design

And finally, some of the world’s best Responsive Websites to inspire you and motivate you. Relax and Enjoy!