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SiteLock Scans Your website

SiteLock automatically scans your website looking for Malware on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A SiteLock Security Shield reassures your visitors that your website is secure & Malware free

SiteLock Alerts You of Any Issues

If any Malware is found you are notified immediately so that you can take action as quickly as possible

SiteLock Fixes Any Issues

If you use the ‘Secure Web’ or the ‘Secure Web Plus’ service then SiteLock automatically removes the Malware or fixes the issue for you.

Secure Web

£239.88 p/a

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Secure Web Plus

£359.88 p/a

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One Time Cleanup

199.00 one-time

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SiteLock Feature Comparison

Features Secure Web Secure Web Plus
Description Scans the site inside and out, to search vulnerabilities or evidence of malicious code. It also provide a protective layer around the website to help prevent future compromises from occurring. Secure Web Plus includes the SiteLock TrueShield™ Web App Firewall which proactively protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests. Requires no installation, takes only 5-minute to setup and blocks all of OWASP’s top 10 threats.
Cost £239.88/yr £359.88/yr
Daily Malware Scanning
Daily Malware Removal
Comprehensive Risk Analysis
Daily Vulnerability Detection
Daily Vulnerability Patching
SiteLock Trust Seal
File change monitoring
Stop Hackers (TrueShield™ Web app firewall)
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Increase website performance
Prevent bad bots
Block OWASP Top 10
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Sitelock FAQs

Ensuring your website is safe and secure is a must for all website owners. If your website gets hacked it can get result in your website being reported and even removed from search engine listings meaning you effectively become invisible online. By preventing your website from getting hacked you are ensuring that your online reputation does not suffer and you keep your data safe.

Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit weaknesses in websites for a variety of reasons. In some cases it is to steal valuable or sensitive data such as customer records or credit or debit card details. In other cases it is so that they can upload Malware or use your website to send out unsolicited emails (Phishing).

Hackers do not publish their methods but usually it is by exploiting known security weaknesses in a website. This could be through an out of date script or through a content management system like WordPress which has not been updated to the latest secure version.

Once you sign up for the service you will be able to set up a regular scan for your website. The SiteLock system will scan your website on a daily basis looking for known threats. If it identifies any Malware or any other issues then you are notified by email and through your SiteLock control panel.

  • Daily Scans to make sure your website is safe and secure
  • Automatic Malware Removal *
  • SiteLock Security Shield to reassure visitors (& Google) that your website is safe

Removal of the Malware is included. This is performed by the SiteLock "SMART" system which uses AI to detect and remove the malware. Some cases may require more in-depth review and removal of malicious content, which can be done using the one-time cleanup service.

Your website is scanned once a day. You will see the last scan date on the SiteLock Security Shield that appears on your website. You can choose to set the scan daily, weekly or monthly.

Yes, if you use the ‘Secure Web’ service there is a limit of 500 pages. With the ‘Secure Web Plus’ service up to 2500 pages are scanned daily.

When Sitelock is first deployed it needs to scan all of your website’s files. If you have a large website this will take longer than for a smaller site. However, over time, SiteLock will then only scan any new or changed files so it will not have any long term effect on performance.

You are responsible for uploading the SiteLock Security Shield to your website. If you are not comfortable doing this then our technical team will perform this for a small one-off fee.

If you decide not to secure your website then it could get hacked. This may mean that it then contravenes our Terms of Service and our Acceptable Usage Policy which may result in your website being temporarily suspended pending removal of the Malware. In the worst case scenario you could lose some or all of your website data.